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Groove Is In The Heart

“Groove Is in the Heart” was released in 1990 from Deee-Lite’s debut album, World Clique.  An instant dance club hit, the song eventually crossed over and made it to #4 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The song is based on a sample from Herbie Hancock’s “Bring Down the Birds” among others.  Most interestingly, the stuttering “I” in the chorus was not sung by anyone in the band, but made from Eva Gabor’s vocals in the Green Acres theme.

Not surprisingly, the song is a favorite of the YouTube cover set, getting pretty good ukulele and solo a cappella (or “multitrack”) treatments.


My Boyfriend’s Back

Originally recorded as a demo for popular girl-group The Shirelles, The Angels’ “My Boyfriend’s Back” was released in 1963 and sold a million copies while spending three weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The song has been covered extensively, including nearly immediate versions by rival groups The Chiffons and Martha and theVandellas.  Less faithful renditions have been logged by The Raveonettes, The Spazzys, and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.

Sex Type Thing

Released in 1992 at the height of the grunge era, “Sex Type Thing” was the first single from Stone Temple Pilots’ debut album, Core.  Fueled by the genre’s popularity and the song’s distinctively disturbing video, it reached #23 on the Modern Rock chart.

Influenced by the rape of his girlfriend, lead singer Scott Weiland crafted the lyrics in first person from the rapist’s point of view.  This unconventional and dark approach caused a bit of controversy.  Perhaps dulled by the mindless pop of the late-’80s, some listeners seemed incapable of picking up on the song’s ironic tone, leading Weiland to comment to Rolling Stone, “I never thought that people would ever seriously think that I was an advocate of date rape.”

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